Marlon Kobacker Discusses Global Fracking Bans

fracking photo

All around the world, the people are standing up to the dangerous practice of fracking. The World Wide Web and Sustainability Professionals, such as Marlon Kobacker, are educating the public. Learn about the progress, the masses are making in defeating the earth-hostile fracking technique.

“What is fracking?”

Anyone who understands the characteristics of “fracking” should be appalled. Fracking is the use of explosives to release mineral deposits found deep underground. The problem is that fracking also disturbs other important underground resources, such as water.

American citizens are starting to sign petitions to ban fracking in their neighborhoods. On April 13, 2016, “Western Maryland residents and organizations renewed calls this week to prevent shale gas development in Maryland, hours after the Prince George’s County Council voted unanimously to ban the industrial process. Many western Marylanders don’t believe that the risks from fracking can be effectively managed, either by MDE or through civil litigation after the fact,” said Nadine Grabania, founding board member and secretary of Citizen Shale.

If you need help with a dangerous corporate practice, like fracking, then you can contact Sustainability Professional Marlon Kobacker to assist. Mr. Kobacker is a global expert on creating sustainable building projects.