Leadership in Marketing

Working in marketing, as with any type of business, requires a few things of you. First and foremost, it required a few people skills as you’ll need a team of people to get to where you want to be in your dreams. Business doesn’t just happen without people and you are certainly not going to be doing it by yourself. What is better, 100% of your own efforts or 1% of 100 people’s efforts? If you chose the former, you’ll be exhausted and exhaustion will be the least of your problems. If you chose the latter, you’re on your way to thinking like a businessperson.

The second thing marketing and business requires of you is to be a leader. Why is that? What does being a leader have to do with this job? Leaders call the shots, leaders make the plans and leaders execute them. Imagine, if you will, being in the marketing world without a leader to drive things. Nothing will get done! I’m going to touch on a few reasons why leadership is highly important in marketing.

Leaders encourage creativity. They understand not everyone thinks the same and has the same way of doing the same task. I suppose this is best said that leaders encourage you to do things your way as long as you are doing things. Marketing is where you can put your creative ideas to work, then fail and adjust. Bosses don’t allow creative thinking because they want things done their way or the way the company tells them things must be done. Leadership in marketing is a must, just like how creative thinking in marketing is a must, because if everyone were marketing the same way as a boss tells them and using the same old tricks, the market would never grow.

Leadership allows for new things. New ideas, new methods, new practices, daring the creative mind to innovate. Marketing takes a skill that you must practice to be better with, because you are dealing with so many different people and everyone is unique with unique needs. It calls for you to connect to people. If your encounter with someone during a meeting wasn’t a success, marketing allows for you to switch up your game plan until you find what works for you. Maybe next time instead of jumping straight to the chase talking about your product or service, you can open with the client or customer and ask questions about them to show some genuine interest.

In any case, leadership is better than a boss any day and more appreciated as well as needed; marketing is the perfect place to develop into that leader!

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