Continuous Improvement: Part 1

This Reference Guide explains the common language of Continuous Improvement

(CI), a tool for creating standard work, achieving operational excellence, serving our

customers better and becoming more competitive.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

CI creates a system for operational excellence because it:

• Focuses on our customers

• Empowers our employees

• Provides tools and resources

• Helps prioritize opportunities

• Finds solutions based on root causes

• Builds sustainable results

• Uses a structured and disciplined process

• Offers the ability to leverage success across the organization and accelerate


This CI Reference Guide details the vision companies that want to be successful. It

defines key CI terms and explains tools that speed the improvement process and

help measure needs as well as progress.

Use it to focus department resources in ways that elate customers, streamline

processes and improve performance. If you can make CI a way of life and help those

who work with you do the same, you can unleash the power of the process. The

rewards are a delighted customer, reduced waste, fewer variations in our processes

and a sense of pride in a job well done.

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